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Ready player one and it’s metaverse misconception

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We have loved gaming, dancing, and shopping in the metaverse, but how is that actually possible?

Ready player one, a 2018 Sci-fi/Adventure movie made us fancy the metaverse more than we thought.

The movie shows how a lonely and bored young man found a virtual reality headset and created history with it.

The history created is exactly what the metaverse is all about. The man was never lonely since the day he found the VR headset.

That’s what the metaverse is all about. A virtual space that fully immerses the participant by interactions, entertainment, and much more.

No matter how nice the movie seem to be, we found a misconception for the metaverse being displayed there.

Which is “You can only access the metaverse with Virtual Reality headset”

The above quote is a misconception for the metaverse.

After seeing the movie, it was a must to acquaint our readers about the metaverse and how to access the metaverse.

Are VR devices the only tool used in accessing the metaverse?

VR devices are used in accessing the metaverse, but they are not the only way you can access the metaverse.

VR devices gives you the full immersion mode in the metaverse by taking you totally away from the real world. That is why people who use VR devices for gaming ask the below question;

“If I die in the metaverse, will I also die in the real world?”

This question might look funny, but if you have witnessed VR gaming, you will think otherwise.

Using VR devices gives you an exceptional view of the metaverse.

Besides using VR devices, how do i access the metaverse?

Everyone can’t own a VR device as some people feel uncomfortable wearing one.

This made metaverse developers to allow people access the metaverse with their laptops, as easy as that.

There are a lot of metaverse platforms you can access with your laptops or VR devices. Decentraland is a metaverse platform accessible with a laptop.

With this, the methods of accessing the metaverse has been made easier and affordable to people.

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My Opinion

If we want the metaverse to go into the mainstream, we need to broaden the ways people access it.

Using laptops or VR devices makes the metaverse more realistic other than using only VR devices.

User’s preference should be considered in the metaverse as some people prefer interacting with technology far from the eyes and not closed to the eyes.

Also, telling someone to wear a VR device before accessing the metaverse will cause procrastination and will kill the technology vibe.

VR is a new type of technology people like, but not everyone. Some people see it easy while some see it as multitasking.

Building your metaverse environment to be accessible through VR devices and also Laptops will make users metaverse dream come through.


The metaverse is great place to be especially when you need massive interaction. If you can afford a VR device, please do. If you can’t, the metaverse can also be accessible through your laptops.

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