Gnox on the rise, set to overtake APE, MATIC

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GNOX, and the crypto markets, are slowly recovering from months of recession. And it’s not just the crypto winter that’s to blame, a whole array of other factors comes into play.

Traders and investors are now looking for the most lucrative and promising cryptocurrencies and projects like the blue-chip GNOX.

With its impressive business model, many crypto experts are placing their bets on the token, a new breed of DeFi or smart money that is expected to eclipse APE and MATIC in terms of price gain. Gnox is a revolutionary and user-friendly Decentralized Finance earning tool which comes handy even for beginners. Evidently, the token’s pre-sale price has spiked by 60% even if it hasn’t been launched yet.

Gnox is yet to launch in August 2022 but to date, it has already amassed hefty pre-sale gains matching the needs of private and institutional investors. Its massive growth even at a pre-launch stage is comparable to that of EOS and Binance Coin (BNB).

APE and MATIC are also enjoying significant price hikes as the Bored Ape Yacht Club APE token price increased by 20% which goes the same with Polygon’s MATIC price that jumped by 16%.

Polygon recently announced an ETH upgrade which gave MATIC increased momentum especially since it was also made public that the latter has been chosen to be a part of much-coveted Disney accelerator program.

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