Oculus quest 2 256GB or 128GB

Oculus quest 2 256GB or 128GB

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Choosing a good virtual reality(VR) device can be confusing, and no matter how sceptical you become, it doesn’t guarantee the right choice.

Today, we are not choosing a VR brand over another brand, we are making VR choices in terms of internal storage.

Recall that most people buy VR devices for gaming or entertainment purposes, while some because of curiosity.

I will applaud the curious ones for being enthusiastic about the metaverse and how to access it.

In the laptop gaming ecosystem, gamers always go for a high internal storage laptop, even if it has two drives: a hard disk drive and a solid-state drive.

They still choose a higher storage device, because laptop games are always space-consuming.

Laptop games can have a file size of 100GB below, so if you have a low hard drive laptop, you won’t enjoy your gaming life.

But is that the same case for Virtual reality devices?

Virtual reality internal storage choices

Laptop gaming can’t be compared to VR gaming in terms of game storage requirements and gaming immersion mode.

Viewing the games in the oculus quest 2 store, all games have smaller file sizes.

Even immersive games like Resident evil and Walkabout mini golf still have low file sizes, with the game sizes as 8.8GB and 2.3GB respectively.

With this, we can see that large storage space is not a complete criterion in choosing Virtual reality devices.

Oculus quest 2 256GB or 128GB?

If you are faced with this choice to make, how do you go about it?

When buying Oculus quest 2, you are tempted to choose between the 256Gb and the 128GB internal storage.

This is because both versions have the same features, and the only difference is in terms of internal storage.

The oculus quest 2 128GB version has a price of £299 / $299 / AU$479 while the 256GB version has a price of £399 / $399 / AU$639, TechRadar disclosed.

Here, we see a $100 increase for an extra 128Gb added to the 256Gb version.

But is that necessary?

Since the oculus quest 2 128Gb version can still play about 52games in it, then buying the 256GB version is not a good idea.

My opinion

We all have our choices when going for different items.

Buying any of the versions is cool, but if you have a low budget, the oculus quest 2 128GB version is best for you.

Even if you can afford the 256GB version, you can use the money to buy the oculus 128GB version and use the other $100 to buy good games from the Oculus store.


Gaming is not the only activity done on the oculus quest 2 device, but when it comes to choices of storage space, it’s not always far from gaming.

Apart from downloading from the oculus store, you can also download 3rd party apps on your oculus device by sideloading.

See here: How to sideload on oculus quest 2.



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