Finacial Report: BlockFi claims $1.8 billion outstanding loan

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BlockFi has revealed $1.8 billion in outstanding loans at the end of Quarter 2, 2022, from institutional and retail investors.

The hobbled crypto lender released a transparency report for the quarter, which detailed its financial position amid the turmoil. In addition to $1.8 billion in outstanding loans, BlockFi’s net exposure amounted to $600 million.

As of June 30th this year, the company’s outstanding loans to institutional borrowers were approximately $1.5 billion. On the other hand, the loans to retail borrowers accounted for $300 million.

In a bid to “maintain sufficient levels of short-term assets to meet client redemption and payback obligations, and support trading activity, by keeping sufficient balances in inventory,” BlockFi has set up certain guidelines.

The lender will hold a minimum of 10% of total amounts due to clients upon demand in inventory, which will be ready to be returned to clients. The guidelines also stipulate that it will also hold at least 50% of owed funds in places that can be retrieved and returned to clients within a week’s time as well as have at least 90% of total amounts due to clients upon demand either in inventory or in loans that can be called back within one year.

The second quarter of 2022 might go down as one of the worst in the industry’s a little over a decade-long history. The Terra collapse ignited a domino effect felt harshly across the crypto market that had already been battered by macroeconomic forces.


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