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Litecoin has responded to a troll by Shiba inu developer, Shytoshi Kusama who asked Bloomberg Business to stop referring to Litecoin as the third option after Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with Litecoin remarking that instead it should be first on the list.


Litecoin had gained popularity back in 2010, but currently the digital currency is considered a zombie coin on par with fellow cryptocurrencies, EOS and XTP. Litecoin used to be ranked among the top three high cryptocurrencies but currently the coin is languishing in 20th position by with market Capitalization pegged at $3.9 billion according to CoinMarketCap.

Many crypto analysts believe this is due to an extremely low demand and user interest in the Litecoin blockchain and the LTC token, respectively. Despite continuing development, regular conferences and mining activity, it seems that Litecoin has never been able to get out from under the shadow of its more successful competitors. The likes of SHIB and DOGE or SOL have simply overtaken LTC in the past couple of years, harnessing the power of social media and fanning a global-scale hype.

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