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The African nation is set to begin sale of its cryptocurrency known as Sango coin, with sales of its digital currency set to begin in july.

About 210,000,000 Sango coins are set for sale with investors needing to buy the digital asset at  least $500 and in return gain citizenship and a piece of real estate property as well as getting a location in the metaverse.

The Central African Nation becomes the only African country to designate bitcoin legal tender and has announced that its cryptocurrency, Sango coin will be selling at a valie of $0.10 starting off from July 25th, this is in contrast to another report saying sales may commence on July 21.

As shown on the Sango coin website, a total of 210,000,000 tokens will be available to crypto enthusiasts that interested in participating in the project. Investors participating in what the CAR describes as the first digital monetary system that is “powered by the bitcoin blockchain” have an opportunity to become citizens of the African country.

“Join the digital transformation of the Central African Republic today. Both local and the first Citizenship Program in the Metaverse: a future of endless possibilities are awaiting you,” a promotional message on the Sango website states.

What to expect from this

With this latest development, CAR  Citizens purchasing the Sango coin can now be able to purchase land, pay taxes and get access to Public infrastructures.

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