Metaverse vs Universe
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We are in a world where technology has taking a huge ground to revolutionize planets with ease.

If you are getting to know the metaverse lately, you might be confronted with other spaces which might look closely similar and confusing.

We are in the universe, but the metaverse, multiverse and the omniverse are still spaces people need to be educated about.

Many movies like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, Archie, etc. have exposed few things about the multiverse or the omniverse, but the picture is still painted faintly in the minds of people.

In this article, we would explain all spaces and how they work with each other.

NOTE: Uni = one. Multi = greater than one. And, Omni = all or everything.

What is the metaverse

The metaverse, gaining massive searches on google is a virtual world where people can interact with the help of technology. The metaverse is unreal but the feeling is so real. Some people feel if they die in the metaverse they can die in the real world, smiles.

Metaverse vs Universe

This is the simplest to defined as we live in the universe. The universe is the combination of time, space, and everything(content) in the world. With this, we are part of the universe, as it consist of both living and non living things.

The Multiverse


This is a hypothetical collection of different universes. The universe is a function of the multiverse, as the multiverse houses the universe. Also, the multiverse can be a  combination of different metaverses. For example, we can have a gaming metaverse and a clothing metaverse. Someone can only participate in one metaverse at a time. Either by playing game alone or by visiting the clothing virtual world alone. But if it’s a multiverse, he/she can be able to switch between the different universe or metaverse.  With this, a mutiverse is also a virtual world, just that it consists of different virtual worlds.

The Omniverse



From the name “Omni”, Ominverse is the combination of the whole universes in their single form. I mean the universe, multiverse, and any other one you can think of.

As the universe is a function of the multiverse, so is the multiverse a function of the omniverse.

If we believe in the universe alone, then the omniverse consists of the universe only.

Metaverse and the Multiverse, any differences?

Apart from the fact that one is single and the other is made up of more than one, we still have other unique difference between the metaverse and the multiverse. They include;

  • The metaverse is a single virtual environment, while the multiverse can be multiple metaverses.
  • The metaverse is subjected to the particular activity it was created for, while different activities can be carried out in the metaverse by switching between different metaverses.
  • In the metaverse there arrangements and pattern for operations, while the multiverse is randomly operated.
  • There is ownership of assets and other digital items in the metaverse, but you cannot own anything in the multiverse aside the current universe you reside in.
  • The metaverse contains AI, assets, collectibles, human users, avatars, as its components,  while the multiverse is made up off virtual environments as it’s components.

A second thought about the metaverse and the multiverse

Now we understand the differences between the metaverse and the multiverse, we have painted the image that the metaverse will have a single activity at hand.

That’s not how we want the metaverse to be, we want the metaverse to be built in such a way that different activities can be done in there.

With this, the best way to build a metaverse is to build it like a multiverse. Building it as a multiverse doesn’t make it a multiverse, but a multiverse approach should be engaged in metaverse approach.

Kudos to blockchain and web3, the metaverse can also be built on blockchains to guarantee decentralization. With this, no one can ban you from utilizing products in the metaverse.

Centralization should be avoided in the metaverse, if we want massive adoption of the metaverse.


If you die in the metaverse, what happens to your real body?

This question might look funny, but it is asked in different search engines, especially google.

We know that technology has made the metaverse look so real with an immersive an interactive environment, still we have to understand that the metaverse is a virtual and not a real world.

If you die in the metaverse, you are dead in the metaverse but not in the real world.

Someone also asked “what happens if you die in the metaverse?”.

Just like any other world, the metaverse is a world on its own, so any activity happening there ends there. Although, you might feel it to be too real that it might affect your real life, but that’s not possible.

The metaverse was created for interaction purposes, and to allow people from different locations meet at a place for different interaction purposes. If your avatar dies, it’s your avatar and not you.

Just like a VR gaming center, in the gaming process, if you fail or die in the game, you can retry or exit the metaverse.

Apple metaverse token

If you have searched for this, there is not current official metaverse token from Apple, but Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has greater interest in the metaverse, and it’s currently investing funds into exploring the proficiencies of the metaverse, made known through a call.

Apple’s interest in the metaverse is beyond the fact that they have over 14,000 augmented reality (AR) apps in their store.



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