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Right from the surge of blockchain technology, the whole world is taking a transition into the digital stream.

The metaverse is a virtual replication of real world made possible through technology.

Knowing or understanding the metaverse will become easy if you know the top metaverse platforms and how they operate in today’s digital system.

As people are trying to grasp this new technology, there are different questions coming into google searches.

They include;

What is metaverse?

What is a metaverse platform?

What are the top/best metaverse platforms?

This article will try to comprehensively answer the above questions, by breaking down the complexities in the metaverse.

We also have to know that the top metaverse platforms are still among the best metaverse platforms.

So, before we forge ahead, let’s understand what a metaverse platform is all about.

What is a metaverse platform?

Since we understand what the metaverse is all about, we can now coin out the meaning of a metaverse platform. Since the metaverse is the virtual replica of the real world through blockchain technology.

We can now say that a metaverse platform is any organization or environment that provides all access to users for the virtual replication of the real world. A metaverse platforms allows users to create, interact by creating a virtual space of immersive possibilities. A metaverse platform however allows users to gain access to any given virtual environment.

The virtual effect of the metaverse is made possible by series of technologies through reality devices like;

  • Virtual reality VR devices: This a metaverse device with complete virtual experience. VR device includes VR headsets, helmets, gloves, and body detectors.
  • Augmented reality AR devices: Augmented reality is a partial virtual experience. It makes use of virtual effect to complement the real world. MR device is the smart glass device.
  • Mixed reality MR devices: Mixed reality is the combination of the virtual reality and the augmented reality. It helps to compensate for the shortcomings of the earlier realities.

In search of the top metaverse platforms, you will be faced with the best metaverse coins.

As we earlier discussed some good metaverse projects looking promising, it will great to discuss the platforms with comprehensive details about their proficiencies.

The metaverse is at the verge of going mainstream as the future tech and these platforms are putting so much energy to show users what is coming and is already here.

The opportunities possessed by the metaverse is so much that it will remove boredom with sweet gains.

One thing about technology is that, at first it seems impossible, but at last you accept it.

Who thought you could sell just a digital image for millions of dollars. But technology made that possible. So, with the metaverse hospitals, schools, music studios, game centers, will harness a new immersive environment with possibilities.

As companies and organizations like the formally called facebook (Meta), Microsoft, and Epic Games are putting the  metaverse on a pedestal. It will be nice to know the top metaverse platforms and get acquainted.

What it takes to be among the top metaverse platforms?

A top metaverse platform is known by their great technology applied to give users the freedom of interacting in the metaverse. With this, a top metaverse platform should be equipped with the right reality equipments needed for successful virtual activities. The community of top metaverse platform is very active, as engagements are revealed all the time.

Finally, a top metaverse is known by the completion of all the projects made known in their specific road maps.

Without further ado, lets discuss the top metaverse platforms in the crypto space.

Top metaverse Platforms

The following are the top metaverse platforms in the crypto space.

  • Decentraland
  • Sandbox
  • MetaHero
  • Roblox
  • Nakamoto
  • Hyperverse
  • Star Atlas
  • Cryptovoxels
  • Blocktopia
  • Epic Games
  • Second life
  • Sansar
  • Upland
  • Illuvium
  • Sorare
  • Viverse
  • PolkaCity
  • Spatial
  • Stageverse

Decentraland metaverse Platform


This metaverse platform offers enticing virtual lands to be resold or built on. They offer the feature of creating arts, scenes and so on. In the decentraland you can also buy Avatar wears and check your imagination limits by creating your fantacies. Decentraland’s native coin is MANNA, and it’s currently trading $2.64 as at the time of this article.


The SandBox
The SandBox

Another hardworking platform that features gaming with combination of DAO and NFTs. The sandBox metaverse platforms offers virtual lands, and the ease to build structures and sell them for profits. Featuring an NFT market place, the Sandbox helps you create your Nfts and also sell them. The native coin of Sandbox is SAND, and it’s currently trading $3.47 as at the time of this article.



This is one the of the top metaverse platforms that claims to the the gateway to the metaverse with their amazing offerings.

Their features includes, Avatar creation, 3d Nft creation and scanning. The platform makes use of a fascinating technology which involves the use of Ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology to make your metaverse experience an immersive and a worthwhile one. Currently Metahero has launched two metaverse tokens. The HERO token and the DOME, which are trading $0.053771 and $0.051881 respectively.



This is one of the top metaverse platforms where users can come together for gaming. In this platform you could create your game and play with other users or play a created game by another user. They feature a game creation studio and an immersive gaming environment. With a record of one of the most visited  online entertainment platforms for under 18 users. In going mainstream, roblox is striving to build communication network in the metaverse to enable advanced interactions.



This is a play to earn (p2e) metaverse platform. Their plaform features pleasure with business as users can play and earn in the process. Nakamoto,s native token is NAKA, and it’s currently trading $0.6423 as at the time of this article. This brings their announcement on their metaverse called NAKAVERSE, where users will have 3d gaming and opportunity to buy virtual lands and build on them.



Hyperverse presents a brand new virtual effect to users. They offer virtual reality in the metaverse and it consist of different planets. In the hyperverse, a citizen is called Voyager and he/she has the potential of interacting with anyone in the metaverse. The hyperverse native token is HVT, and it’s trading $0.9467 as at the time of this article.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas
Star Atlas

This a HD metaverse gaming platform that offers interaction in its space. They offer the room for creation and gaming. The game features an inventory where users can purchase digital items like ships and pay through POLIS.

An amazing feature in this space is the multiplayer feature, where you can play together with friends.

The native token of Star Atlas is ATLAS, and it’s trading $0.03286 as at the time of this article.



Cryptovoxels is a metaverse platform built on Ethereum blockchain to offer buying of lands, building on them, buying digital arts and so on. They also feature text chat feature in the metaverse. They also offer gaming even from pc browser and VR.



This a metaverse platform built and backed by the polygon blockchain. The metaverse platform tends to pay regard to 21 million bitcoin.  Blocktopia token holders will be known as blocktopians and they will be able to play games, buy virtual lands and so on. With bloctopia crypto users can learn and get an amazing crypto experience.

The native token of Blocktopia is BLOK, and it’s trading $0.02422 as at the time of this article.

Epic Games

Epic Games-Fortnite
Epic Games-Fortnite

This is the metaverse platform behind the renowned game called Fortnite. Epic is an entertainment company with metaverse potentials of creating music concerts, dance parties and shows. It was in the fortnite metaverse platform that Travis Scott recently had his concert. Epic Games offer HD gaming taking entertainment to the next level.

Second life

Second life
Second life

Second life is a virtual world with user generated creatures for interaction between users in real time. This virtual space is goalless, as users have no designated assignment to do there. They just have to be free and interact with each other for fun sake. This makes this virtual space similar to social media as whatever you do is dependent on what you want to do and not what you are asked to do.

The uniqueness of this virtual space is not only about user’s freedom but;

  • Fully concerned in the world’s economy.
  • User generated in-content.
  • Perform real world duties like seeing movies, gaming, clubbing, trading and creating your virtual contents.



Sansar poses to be the world’s leading social virtual space with its reasons. Sansar made everyone able to access the metaverse by utilizing either a virtual reality device or just with your PC. This will remove the excuse of not owning a virtual reality device.

Sansar wants to take social life into another level by making users do whatever they want virtually.

In Sansar, you can watch movies, attend concerts without travelling, just with your laptop or your virtual reality devices.

In their web interface, you can see upcoming events in the virtual world to be able to attend as early as necessary.

Finally, Sansar plans to touch the music industry positively and to take music to a mind blowing altitude.



Still trying to fuse non fungible tokens, metaverse and the real world together, the upland happen to be an NFT virtual space mapped to the universe. In upland, users can buy and sell digital properties by utilizing the digital currency, UPX.

Upland utilizes the play to earn policy, where users can game and earn returns in UPX.

UPX is the native token of Upland and it is responsible for the buying or selling of commodities in the virtual plaform.

Upland is trending for NFT property acquisition and has made high sales of virtual properties.

Finally, in this virtual space, you just don’t purchase properties, you also have the right to build and create with like-minded uplanders.

Uplanders are people residing in the upland metaverse.



Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium is a virtual space known for NFT collection and autobattler gaming.

This game will be accessible through laptops, mac books also.

Utilizing a play to earn policy, players can get rich battling in the gaming verse.

In the virtual space, you will be able to discover, hunt and collect about 100+ illuvials.

Illuvials are the deadly creatures who rule the alliens in the illuvium space.

The illuvials captured by you can be trained by you and also be used to combat for rewards.

ILV is the native token of the illuvium virtual space and will be used for the day to day transactions in the virtual space.



Sorare happens to be a fantancy virtual football game where players can buy, sell and play with digital cards.

As a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare makes use of non fungible tokens.

Every digital card has been certified by any of the football clubs with each card having a certain level of scarcity and value.

The levels are group as limited, rare, super rare and unique.

Each of the levels have the number that can issued per season. For example;

  • Limited: 1000 per season.
  • Rare: 100 per season.
  • Super rare: 10 per season.
  • Unique: 1 per season.

Sorare is not as complicated as players think, you just have to get a card with a better scarcity.

Finally, Sorare is fully backed by the real world football economy.



Upholding security in the metaverse, Viverse happen to be a metaverse platform that doesn’t compromise users security. Viverse connects different experiences and content ecosystem together to offer more interaction in a secured way.

Having the web3 structure, Viverse offers safety to transactions and user data.

In the viverse, users connect to one another securely and are able to access different contents that are not limited to entertainment alone.

Polka City

Polka City
Polka City

Transitioning the metaverse to a multi-chain phase, polka city happens to be a 3D and AR multi-chain platform that offers video gaming.

AR means augmented reality, and it uses digital effect to complement the real world eg, snapchat.

In Polka city, users can earn rewards by owning virtual commodities.

The blockchains of Polka city is Ethereum and Binance.



Interaction will never remain boring in the Spatial metaverse.

Spatial is a virtual platform with a lot of virtual social activities able to keep a user fully immersed in the virtual world.

The activities carried out are;

  • Exhibitions.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Social events.

Spatial reflects the full effect of ART with its beautiful art galleries and scenes.

You can attend many ART events in spatial without traveling, all at your comfort.

Apart from attending, you can also make use of your imagination by creating beautiful scenes and contents.



As other platforms are bent on creating an virtual interactive space for users, Stageverse strives to go beyond that by creating a virtual space for creation and not just interaction.

Stageverse poses to build a virtual world for creation, interaction, community, commerce, connection and interaction.

Creators, community and brands can be able to create their own virtual environment on Stageverse.

Stageverse wants to better interaction by letting you build the virtual environment of your choice, geared towards better interaction and connection. Therefore, you are building for better social values.


The metaverse is full of interaction, and it is able to fully immerse any participant. We are glad that some platforms are able to accommodate all users, with or without visual reality devices.

Meanwhile, the metaverse hasn’t attained half of its potential yet…

By Meekness Nnoka

Blockchain Analyst & Writer with top-notch Technological background. Enjoys reading and writing fascinating crypto contents. 4 years content creating experience.

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